Why Everything is Connected? Why Labyrinth?

If we desire for change, we need to make a difference. This is only possible by taking the starting step. When you do nothing, nothing happens.

Life has unknown entities which are beyond our comprehension. Hence, we find them “strange”.

"Your pain defines who you are but it no longer holds power on you. "

We often hope our tomorrow is different from our today. We can make them true by our actions of today. Whatever we do today impacts tomorrow.

I started writing this blog purely on my own interest to share my thoughts, because the world we live in is in chaos: something or the other keeps on happening which is dramatic and exciting in nature.

Life sometimes tends to confuse us with the oaths and ways that it has to show us. Most of our time is spent on us figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong and we continue this search till death reaches us. You are living in a machine life of daily routine of work and taking care of your families but you fail to spend time for "YOU". Your time is precious, it works well for those who knows how to use it. Whatever happens in your life is connected somehow. But everything that once lived, lives on forever. In the eternity of time.

What is there for you?

In my blogs, I will be sharing some of the interesting Key thoughts, Golden stories from the Golden Non-fiction Books that I read and that might help you to grow in career and as well as a Great person with wisdom of thoughts.

I will be writing my favorite scenes from the Movie that I watch and why that is favorite because the message to learn from a pure art is eternal happiness.

I am fond of new technologies and how its creating an impact in the industries so I will share some useful insights on tech topics.

Hope you all will love this!